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Let us make you look good with our in house artist, staff engineer, forward thinking artisans, and amazing shop.

about the company

REC Contractors, Inc. is a well established progressive "all purpose" company that earned its stripes in the home remodeling industry. Started in 1989 by two second generation contractors, Bob and his lovely wife Kara Clark set out to put credibility back into an industry that was crawling with "used car salesmen". Bob's work ethic, natural talent, and ability to satisfy the most demanding customer quickly led him into high end restorations. After being let down in the early years by many subcontractors, Bob decided his company would rely on its own merits from now on. He added many services and lots of equipment to the company lineup. We now have tons of earthmoving equipment, a fleet of dump trucks, construction lifts, and a wealth of knowledge at our disposal. As time went on, Bob turned his passion for woodworking into another facet of the company. He now operates REC Contractors custom furniture and cabinet shop. With millions of dollars invested in the cabinet shop equipment alone, Bob can let his eye for beautiful wood creations show through as he works closely with customers from several industries- including manufacturing of molds and bulk wood parts. In early 2014, Bob and Kara purchased a new home for the shop in Hurlock, MD.




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